Chaos breeds blood and money.

Imperial battlefleet

Welcome to the Caradryad Sector. It used to be as safe a sector as many of the others so close to Terra. However, most recently, the Sector has been shaken by not just one storm, but by three. Labelled the Storms of Judgement, madness and Chaos have struck the Sector. Not only that, but the most recent Tyranid Hive Fleet seems to be coming from below the galactic plane in the Segmentum, Eldar take advantage of distraction the storms present, necrons have recently awaken on a few worlds, and ravaging hordes of orks. Thrown into this unexpected turmoil, Caradryad Sector is now ripe for the picking for the bands of xenos and renegades as well as the opportunistic Rogue Trader.

Caradryad Sector Rogue Trader