Caradryad Sector Rogue Trader

A Call to War

A new enemy before the ship heads to war.

After fierce fighting and some ingenuity by their new Head Tech-priestess Sharae Dengir, the crew of the Tempest Fury manage to kill or capture any remaining rebels on the ship. Those that were caught on the bridge were then immediately interrogated down in the airlocks. The first interrogation doesn’t go according to plan as Hastus terrifies the first prisoner into madness, as well as Alt and the watching Sharae so bad that they must take a short break before regaining their composure. After a little bit, they interrogate the rest of the prisoners, only finding hints at a possible supplier of the rebels. When the insane prisoner finally regained his composure, Nikolas and Sharae decide to try out their interrogation skills. After much rambling, the prisoner says, “Under a blue sun, we drank to our success.” He then promptly jettisoned himself out of the airlock, with Nikolas and Sharae still inside. However, Alt’s quick thinking saves the pair from an unfortunate demise as the airlock door slams shut. Alt then reveals that from what they told him, the supplier is none other than his old business partner, Hal Vorgif. After this, the Tempest crew receives a call from Captain Norander of the Navy. She requests if the group would be able to help in the war effort by taking back the Forge Moon, as this is a prime drydock and ship yard for the system. She offers the crew a new frigate upon the recapture of the moon as well as the gratitude of the Navy. The crew agree to the plan as long as they are able to restock the ships crew population before attempting to attack the moon. Sharae also received coordinates about a secret Siegrfried estate from her servo-skull. Deciding to keep these coordinates secret for now, she and the Navigator puzzle over them before finally finding three possible locations the estate can be found.



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