Caradryad Sector Rogue Trader

Allegiances Formed

A new crew member joins with the Tempest and her crew.

Entering the system, the Tempest Fury is immediately attacked by a refurbished Goliath Factory Ship and 2 Loki Q-Ships. Getting a lucky shot in a crippling the Goliath, the Tempest begins a long an arduous fight. The intervention of the Saint’s Halberd swings the favor in the Tempests favor though, finally finishing off the Goliath and causing the Loki’s to lose heart. Firing on one and crippling it, the Loki surrenders. Here they meet Alt, a man of business and intrigue who soon finds himself hired onto the crew as their trades master, as well as a nice haul of food and arms from the merchant ship. They are soon hailed by the Saint and boarded where they meet Captain Norander. Accusing the crew of stealing the ship and falsifying papers, the crew learns that the ship is actually the Laughing Cherub, the ship that Thale’s grandparents flown.



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