Caradryad Sector Rogue Trader

Finding Cecil

The crew gains a new Enginseer Prime.

Finally getting all the paperwork settled, Captain Norander escorts the Tempest Fury to Forlorn’s ship-wright Forge Moon. Here, Churchill brings the shuttle down to the planets surface under heavy anti-aircraft fire, but proves to be a great pilot by not even getting hit once. Finding Cecil’s tower workshop, they land and begin asking him questions about joining the crew. However, negotiations were cut short when a rebel and 2 reprogrammed servitors barge in and begin firing on the party. Acting quickly, the crew work together and kill the rebel who was controlling the attack servitors, thus causing them to shut down. After the firing ceases, Cecil informs the crew that he will not travel with them, however he would give all the knowledge he has about the Siegfried’s to them and would also give them his pupil, tech-priest Sharae as his proxy in his place among their crew. As they lift off with their new Enginseer Prime, Falker contacts them warning them that the rebels have boarded the Tempest Fury.



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