Caradryad Sector Rogue Trader

The Forlorn Hound

The crew slays the beast and gains a new ship.

Splitting up, the party has Nikolas go air-born to attack the Warhound from the Jade Dragon, while Alt and the guards grab a nearby APC and drive it towards it, leaving Sharae by her lonesome with her servo-skulls. Coming up with the brilliant idea to have the servo-skulls place melta-bombs on the Titan, the party attempts to distract it and stay alive long enough to execute their plan. With a few strikes, Nikolas deals heavy damage to the Warhound’s shields at the beginning, but after taking a few hits from it’s Vulcan Bolter, begins to feel that he may be messing with to much. Luckily, Alt in his APC distracts the Warhound long enough for the servo-skull to place a charge and fly off. Going off, the bomb leaves a large hole in the Titan, almost causing it to fall. It takes on more hit in the hip before the Titan finally falls, causing a massive explosion and leaving nothing but a smoking 120 meter crater.

Soon the forces are routed and the party goes back up to the Tempest for a much needed rest. But they still must be debriefed, as the exhausted party goes for that. At the debriefing, tensions rise between the Magos and Sharae and Alt manages to talk the Admiral into granting them a little bit more on their gifted Sword. It is also revealed that the rebels seem to be working with Nero’s Empire, an empire ruled by the Renegade Marines of Crimson Spartans, and their chapter-master, the insane and self-proclaimed Emperor, Nero.

As if things couldn’t get worse, after 8 weeks of being in orbit, waiting for the Sword to finish getting prepped for it’s maiden launch, an Inquisitor from the Ordo Malleus named Inquisitor Kane has landed on the Tempest. He hopes to find out about a strange Warp surge in the area around the time the party arrived in the system, Alt and Thale begin feeling slightly on edge.



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