Caradryad Sector Rogue Trader

The Integrated Blade

Strange signals from the ship provide an ominous sign before the war.

Finally setting out from Forlorn I, the Tempest Fury and crew set off back to the Forge Moon. Half way there, Nikolas and Sharae investigate strange signals coming from the Enginarium and the Officer’s Quarters. After much investigating, they only are able to turn up a loose panel where the culprit must of sent the signal from. Paranoid about an attack, Sharae stayed bolted up in her room for the remainder of the journey.
Arriving above the Forge Moon, Alt and Nikolas head over to the debriefing, followed by Sharae’s servo-skull, still paranoid about exiting her room, but wishing not to be left out of the loop. Finding that they couldn’t use their greatest asset, their Aeronautical Squadron, the three propose to lead a small strike force into the heart of Forge Hive Tetra to disable the Main Plasma Reactor. It was agreed that the Teleportarium would be the best and safest way to get close to the Reactor.
However, Sharae was still scared about the possibility of intruders on the ship and requested Alt’s help with dealing with it. Agreeing, Alt used his contacts aboard the ship to find out the information of the possible assassin. Meanwhile, Nikolas met with Medrith to give her the statue of St. Celestine. In return, she gave him a new Bolter Revolver to replace his Stub Revolver.
Alt presented his findings to Sharae, who wasted no time in monitoring the three suspects. Soon, the foe was revealed. Immediately, Nikolas and Alt gave chase on the would be Assassin. After a quick and bloody battle, the foe was killed, much to the disappointment of Sharae. With the war starting in earnest the next day, Nikolas and Alt go to the med-bay to heal up as much as possible.



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