Caradryad Sector Rogue Trader

The Teller's Fortune

The crew can finally relax and the crew fortune is told.

Deciding to head to Forlorn I for new recruits, the ship weighs orbit above the planet. Meeting the Governor, he agrees to help the party in recruiting the men they need. Finding out that the Governor had a psyker who could predict the future, the party inquires about it. After a promise to supply the planet with Imperial grade technology, Alt and Nikolas are given an audience with the young women they simply call the Teller. Showing a quick demonstration of her skills, the Teller gives a true fortune. After giving her prophesy, the young girl goes to bed and the two gentlemen leave, not before Alt, risking the Governor’s wrath, requests that they stop calling her the Tell, which, surprisingly, the Governor easily agrees to, vowing that he will have adepts track down her lost personal records. As they start recruiting for the House Guard, the crew of the Tempest relax planet-side and the officers restock the ship. Nikolas goes on a jaunt through the market to find a souvenir as well as a special gift. One of the shops surprisingly was selling an Imperial Tech Flamer, the shop owner swearing it was owned by a Sister of Battle. However, after listening to the shop keeps story, Nikolas found that the flamer was in fact a fake. Fearing he would lose his business, the shop owner offered in it’s stead a 10" painted wooden statue of St, Celestine of the finest quality. After a week planet-side the Guard is assembled and the crew are ready to head out, the Tempest and Saint’s Halberd set sail back to the Forge Moon.



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