Caradryad Sector Rogue Trader

Turning Off the Power

The war begins as the team attempts to disable the plasma reactors.

Finally talking Sharae into joining them on the planet, she and the tech-priests set up the teleportarium for the jump into the generator room. However a catastrophic failure on the tech-priests part leads to not all of the party members making it in one piece. One guard is killed instantly by teleporting halfway through a wall as another finds his arm melded with it and two of Sharae’s servo-skulls have gone missing. Cutting down the man with his arm in the wall ends up killing him and the rest of the guards lose heart. Luckily, with the combined force of both Alt and Nikolas (along with a little bit of persuasion from Sharae), they manage to talk the guards in sticking around to help.
Figuring out an alternative to blowing apart the reactor, Sharae discovers that the reactor can overload and send a burst to the connected reactors, causing all of them to shut down. Deciding this is the best way to take down the reactors. After the preparing, the team triggered the overload and soon the city goes dark. Not wasting anytime, the loyalists launch their attack on the rebels. The rebels are shoved back and the party applaud each other and wait for a pick-up. However, after Nikolas get’s the Jade Dragon, the air-vac shuttle is blown out of the sky. The prophesy comes true as the Hound is revealed to be a Warhound Titan of the Adeptus Mechanicus.



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