Thale Siegfried

A militant Rogue Trader who wants to find answers for his ancestor's heresy.


Thale Siegfried was born the son of Heffis Siegfried on the penal colony of Niflhel. He never knew his mother, and his father never told him when he asked. Heffis saw his son up to the age of fourteen before he was killed in by a prisoner in a large fight. By this time, Thale was fighting professionally in the prison’s underground fighting arenas. By the age of twenty, Thale had risen in dominance in the pit fights, many guards and prisoners knowing his name.
While Thale does not know much mother, his father told him stories of Thale’s grandparents, Lilly and Gray Siegfried and how they traveled the stars as Rogue Traders, being richer than many noble houses. He further told him about how they were framed as heretics and sent to rot on Niflhel. Thale pegged this as his father’s slowly losing grip on reality, as Heffis became more and more paranoid and delusional.


Thale Siegfried

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