The Jade Dragon

Nickolas' Lightning aerocraft that belonged to his deceased brother.



Type: Flyer
Tactical Speed: 24 AU
Cruising Speed: 1200 kph
Maneuverability: +15
Structural Integrity: 20
Size: Enormous
Armor: Side 20, Front 20, Rear 20
Crew: Pilot
Carry Capacity: None

Weapons: 2 Pilot-operated Wing Mounted Lascannons (Facing front, Range: 300m, Heavy, S/-/-, 5d10+10 E, Pen 10, Clip 30, Reload –, Twin-linked)
1 Pilot-operated Extended Barrel Autocannon (Facing Front, Range 600m, Heavy, S/2/5, 4d10+5 I, Pen 4, Clip 100, Reload 2 Full)
4 Pilot-operated Atmospheric Hellstrike Missiles (Facing Front, Range 75 km, Heavy, S/-/-, 3d10+20 X, Pen 15, Clip 1, Reload –)

Special Rules:

Flyer: This aircraft uses aerodynamic principals to stay aloft. When airborne, it must move at least half of it’s cruising speed at all times lest it crashes to the ground. If it ever become completely immobilized due to damage, count the vehicle as destroyed instead as it crashes to the ground.
Pilot Operated Linked Weaponry: All weapons classified as “Pilot-operated” may be fired by the pilot as one shooting action, at targets no more than 1 AU apart. Roll for hits and damages separately with each weapon.
Orbital Launch: A Lightning, while an atmospheric vehicle, has limited time that it can remain in space. With this, some pilots use a “fast-launch” ramp and their rocket booster engine to shoot their Lightning from an orbiting ship to the planet below. Like wise, a Lightning may go from atmosphere into orbit to dock with the orbiting ship. Doing these maneuvers, a Lightning can only remain in the void for 2-3 minutes before their seals begin to fail.


The Jade Dragon

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