The Tempest Fury

Siegfried's Dauntless light-cruiser.


Sharae’s Security Console System: After over a month of reconstructing the security and console systems on the Tempest Fury, the security consoles are finally set. These systems are broken down into several different security systems and emergency systems.
Security Levels
Level 0: These are areas of light to non-existent security, largely in areas such as entering gang-crew quarters and undiscovered shafts and recesses. However, there are very few known areas that fall under this category.
Level 1: This covers minor crew work areas and areas of congregation. These systems include a punch-in, security personnel sweeps, and cameras. These areas are largely to prevent theft, violence, and to monitor crew actions. Some cargo holds fall under this level.
Level 2: Covers areas such as weapon rooms, majority of cargo holds, and arms-men quarters. Weapons areas can only be accessed by card key swipe of Level 2 or higher by a superior and weapons must be signed out by the registered personnel via the console. In cases of an emergency, weapons may be taken without signing, to hasten response time, though this requires a superior of Level 3 or higher to sign-out on. All weapons must be accounted for, or else a shake down will be called. Those that forget to turn in their weapons will be subjugated to repatriation and/or demotion to press-gang. Those that lose their weapon will be released either planet side or out the airlock, whichever is more readily available.
Level 3: These cover all major systems of the Tempest Fury. Due to high perceived chance of sabotage, all weapon, supplemental, and essential components have this high level of security, with cameras, frequent armed patrols, servo-skull monitoring, as well as card and bio-scans (meme-code scans in case of machine heavy personnel). These areas always must be monitored by an officer(s) or individual(s) with a Level 4 Security or higher. Arms-men superiors also have this level of security.
Level 4: This covers Officers, Head Enginseers, and Astropath. Astropath Song Room is fitted with multitude of cameras to monitor the astropath at all times, due to their inherit risks. Arms-men are also present within the Song Room when the astropath is inside, however the door will always remain locked until both the Astropath and the Arms-man officer enter their security codes and gene-locks. It is possible, in case of emergency, to purge the astropath chambers with blessed promethium. Once locked, outside unlocking of the doors is impossible unless by a Level 5 security pass.
Level 5: This is given to all Bridge Officers, Navigator, and specified personnel. The bridge can only be accessed by personnel with this clearance, or if invited in by a person with Level 6 clearance. Officers may choose to have this sort of security placed on their personal quarters, and are actually encouraged to do so.
Level 6: This is Captain’s Clearance. Only the captain automatically has this clearance, and can freely give it to those he sees fit. Bridge Commanding officer is also give a restricted and temporary version of this clearance, as long as he is on the bridge, the Captain is not present on the bridge, and this clearance can be revoked at anytime.


The light cruiser was first created two millennium ago, dubbed AF-54K. The cruiser served in the Ultima Segmentum for around 600 years as a scouting vessel. It was then sent to Segmentum Obscurus to patrol it’s borders for the Navy. After 500 years patrolling the borders and the Eye of Terror, the ship was transferred once more, this time, to the Segmentum Tempestus. Here is were it earned it’s name, the Tempest Fury, after a hard fight against some pirates. After another 154 years of service, the Tempest Fury was brutally attacked and hulked by an Eldar attack. The destroyed ship was left to float for 3 years before it was discovered by the Siegfried Dynasty. It was taken in and repaired and rearmed. Here, it was renamed The Laughing Cherub, and was adopted into the Dynasty as one of their flagships. It served in the dynasty all the way up until Lilly and Gray Siegfried were arrested for heresy. The Laughing Cherub was then mothballed by the penal colony, Nifhel. Later, it was reaquired by a nameless person and the name Tempest Fury was reinstated. It is now under the captaincy of Thale Siegfried.

The Tempest Fury

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