Caradryad Sector Rogue Trader

A Dynasty Reborn
Thale is finally sprung from jail.

Freed from his cell on the penal colony of Nifhel, Thale Siegfried joins the crew of the Tempest Fury and learns that he is in fact the last of dying Rogue Trader dynasty. Further to that, his grandparents, the last ones to hold themselves as the Dynasty’s head, may have been falsely accused and arrested. Along with Nicholas Churchill, Hastus Gudrel, Medreth Cestra, Trask Bellamont, and Falker Bedrif, Thale goes to find the truth about his family and discover the secrets that have been hidden.

They Come for Your Soul...
The crew enters the Warp for the first time.

Deciding to follow up a lead and possibly gain a Head-Ship Tech-Priest, the Tempest Fury heads towards the system of Forlorn. However, a miscalculation by the ships Navigator causes them to fly straight into a warp storm, resulting in the failure of the Gellar Field and allowing a daemonnette to materialize upon the bridge. Defeating the daemon and exiting the Warp, the Tempest Fury finds that the Forlorn system is thrown into anarchy due to a system wide civil war. This would make it all the more perilous to find the person they are looking for…

Allegiances Formed
A new crew member joins with the Tempest and her crew.

Entering the system, the Tempest Fury is immediately attacked by a refurbished Goliath Factory Ship and 2 Loki Q-Ships. Getting a lucky shot in a crippling the Goliath, the Tempest begins a long an arduous fight. The intervention of the Saint’s Halberd swings the favor in the Tempests favor though, finally finishing off the Goliath and causing the Loki’s to lose heart. Firing on one and crippling it, the Loki surrenders. Here they meet Alt, a man of business and intrigue who soon finds himself hired onto the crew as their trades master, as well as a nice haul of food and arms from the merchant ship. They are soon hailed by the Saint and boarded where they meet Captain Norander. Accusing the crew of stealing the ship and falsifying papers, the crew learns that the ship is actually the Laughing Cherub, the ship that Thale’s grandparents flown.

Finding Cecil
The crew gains a new Enginseer Prime.

Finally getting all the paperwork settled, Captain Norander escorts the Tempest Fury to Forlorn’s ship-wright Forge Moon. Here, Churchill brings the shuttle down to the planets surface under heavy anti-aircraft fire, but proves to be a great pilot by not even getting hit once. Finding Cecil’s tower workshop, they land and begin asking him questions about joining the crew. However, negotiations were cut short when a rebel and 2 reprogrammed servitors barge in and begin firing on the party. Acting quickly, the crew work together and kill the rebel who was controlling the attack servitors, thus causing them to shut down. After the firing ceases, Cecil informs the crew that he will not travel with them, however he would give all the knowledge he has about the Siegfried’s to them and would also give them his pupil, tech-priest Sharae as his proxy in his place among their crew. As they lift off with their new Enginseer Prime, Falker contacts them warning them that the rebels have boarded the Tempest Fury.

A Call to War
A new enemy before the ship heads to war.

After fierce fighting and some ingenuity by their new Head Tech-priestess Sharae Dengir, the crew of the Tempest Fury manage to kill or capture any remaining rebels on the ship. Those that were caught on the bridge were then immediately interrogated down in the airlocks. The first interrogation doesn’t go according to plan as Hastus terrifies the first prisoner into madness, as well as Alt and the watching Sharae so bad that they must take a short break before regaining their composure. After a little bit, they interrogate the rest of the prisoners, only finding hints at a possible supplier of the rebels. When the insane prisoner finally regained his composure, Nikolas and Sharae decide to try out their interrogation skills. After much rambling, the prisoner says, “Under a blue sun, we drank to our success.” He then promptly jettisoned himself out of the airlock, with Nikolas and Sharae still inside. However, Alt’s quick thinking saves the pair from an unfortunate demise as the airlock door slams shut. Alt then reveals that from what they told him, the supplier is none other than his old business partner, Hal Vorgif. After this, the Tempest crew receives a call from Captain Norander of the Navy. She requests if the group would be able to help in the war effort by taking back the Forge Moon, as this is a prime drydock and ship yard for the system. She offers the crew a new frigate upon the recapture of the moon as well as the gratitude of the Navy. The crew agree to the plan as long as they are able to restock the ships crew population before attempting to attack the moon. Sharae also received coordinates about a secret Siegrfried estate from her servo-skull. Deciding to keep these coordinates secret for now, she and the Navigator puzzle over them before finally finding three possible locations the estate can be found.

The Teller's Fortune
The crew can finally relax and the crew fortune is told.

Deciding to head to Forlorn I for new recruits, the ship weighs orbit above the planet. Meeting the Governor, he agrees to help the party in recruiting the men they need. Finding out that the Governor had a psyker who could predict the future, the party inquires about it. After a promise to supply the planet with Imperial grade technology, Alt and Nikolas are given an audience with the young women they simply call the Teller. Showing a quick demonstration of her skills, the Teller gives a true fortune. After giving her prophesy, the young girl goes to bed and the two gentlemen leave, not before Alt, risking the Governor’s wrath, requests that they stop calling her the Tell, which, surprisingly, the Governor easily agrees to, vowing that he will have adepts track down her lost personal records. As they start recruiting for the House Guard, the crew of the Tempest relax planet-side and the officers restock the ship. Nikolas goes on a jaunt through the market to find a souvenir as well as a special gift. One of the shops surprisingly was selling an Imperial Tech Flamer, the shop owner swearing it was owned by a Sister of Battle. However, after listening to the shop keeps story, Nikolas found that the flamer was in fact a fake. Fearing he would lose his business, the shop owner offered in it’s stead a 10" painted wooden statue of St, Celestine of the finest quality. After a week planet-side the Guard is assembled and the crew are ready to head out, the Tempest and Saint’s Halberd set sail back to the Forge Moon.

The Integrated Blade
Strange signals from the ship provide an ominous sign before the war.

Finally setting out from Forlorn I, the Tempest Fury and crew set off back to the Forge Moon. Half way there, Nikolas and Sharae investigate strange signals coming from the Enginarium and the Officer’s Quarters. After much investigating, they only are able to turn up a loose panel where the culprit must of sent the signal from. Paranoid about an attack, Sharae stayed bolted up in her room for the remainder of the journey.
Arriving above the Forge Moon, Alt and Nikolas head over to the debriefing, followed by Sharae’s servo-skull, still paranoid about exiting her room, but wishing not to be left out of the loop. Finding that they couldn’t use their greatest asset, their Aeronautical Squadron, the three propose to lead a small strike force into the heart of Forge Hive Tetra to disable the Main Plasma Reactor. It was agreed that the Teleportarium would be the best and safest way to get close to the Reactor.
However, Sharae was still scared about the possibility of intruders on the ship and requested Alt’s help with dealing with it. Agreeing, Alt used his contacts aboard the ship to find out the information of the possible assassin. Meanwhile, Nikolas met with Medrith to give her the statue of St. Celestine. In return, she gave him a new Bolter Revolver to replace his Stub Revolver.
Alt presented his findings to Sharae, who wasted no time in monitoring the three suspects. Soon, the foe was revealed. Immediately, Nikolas and Alt gave chase on the would be Assassin. After a quick and bloody battle, the foe was killed, much to the disappointment of Sharae. With the war starting in earnest the next day, Nikolas and Alt go to the med-bay to heal up as much as possible.

Turning Off the Power
The war begins as the team attempts to disable the plasma reactors.

Finally talking Sharae into joining them on the planet, she and the tech-priests set up the teleportarium for the jump into the generator room. However a catastrophic failure on the tech-priests part leads to not all of the party members making it in one piece. One guard is killed instantly by teleporting halfway through a wall as another finds his arm melded with it and two of Sharae’s servo-skulls have gone missing. Cutting down the man with his arm in the wall ends up killing him and the rest of the guards lose heart. Luckily, with the combined force of both Alt and Nikolas (along with a little bit of persuasion from Sharae), they manage to talk the guards in sticking around to help.
Figuring out an alternative to blowing apart the reactor, Sharae discovers that the reactor can overload and send a burst to the connected reactors, causing all of them to shut down. Deciding this is the best way to take down the reactors. After the preparing, the team triggered the overload and soon the city goes dark. Not wasting anytime, the loyalists launch their attack on the rebels. The rebels are shoved back and the party applaud each other and wait for a pick-up. However, after Nikolas get’s the Jade Dragon, the air-vac shuttle is blown out of the sky. The prophesy comes true as the Hound is revealed to be a Warhound Titan of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

The Forlorn Hound
The crew slays the beast and gains a new ship.

Splitting up, the party has Nikolas go air-born to attack the Warhound from the Jade Dragon, while Alt and the guards grab a nearby APC and drive it towards it, leaving Sharae by her lonesome with her servo-skulls. Coming up with the brilliant idea to have the servo-skulls place melta-bombs on the Titan, the party attempts to distract it and stay alive long enough to execute their plan. With a few strikes, Nikolas deals heavy damage to the Warhound’s shields at the beginning, but after taking a few hits from it’s Vulcan Bolter, begins to feel that he may be messing with to much. Luckily, Alt in his APC distracts the Warhound long enough for the servo-skull to place a charge and fly off. Going off, the bomb leaves a large hole in the Titan, almost causing it to fall. It takes on more hit in the hip before the Titan finally falls, causing a massive explosion and leaving nothing but a smoking 120 meter crater.

Soon the forces are routed and the party goes back up to the Tempest for a much needed rest. But they still must be debriefed, as the exhausted party goes for that. At the debriefing, tensions rise between the Magos and Sharae and Alt manages to talk the Admiral into granting them a little bit more on their gifted Sword. It is also revealed that the rebels seem to be working with Nero’s Empire, an empire ruled by the Renegade Marines of Crimson Spartans, and their chapter-master, the insane and self-proclaimed Emperor, Nero.

As if things couldn’t get worse, after 8 weeks of being in orbit, waiting for the Sword to finish getting prepped for it’s maiden launch, an Inquisitor from the Ordo Malleus named Inquisitor Kane has landed on the Tempest. He hopes to find out about a strange Warp surge in the area around the time the party arrived in the system, Alt and Thale begin feeling slightly on edge.


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