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Here is an area where players can referance different events, places, and NPCs who they have met, also knowledge known by the group. Knowledge not known by the group but by only certain players will be marked.



The Caradryad Sector
The Caradryad Sector is best known for it’s position on the Caradryad Warp Fault and for the three Warp Storms that take up most of the Sector, referred to as The Storms of Judgement.

Caradryad Warp Fault
This Warp fault runs right through the center of the Caradryad Sector. After a massive “warp quake”, the fault released so much energy that it created the triplet Storms of Judgement.

The Storms of Judgement
These storms were created by the massive amounts of Warp energy that ripped from the Warp Fault running through the Sector. The eruption of the storms themselves caused many problems ranging from nightmares and odd visions to demonic possessions and widespread insanity. Afterwards, demonic incursions, rebellions, and occult activities rose sharply, resulting in the Imperium fortifying the entire Sector heavily.

The storms show no sign of abating, however they are safe guarded closely by the different religious and militant branches of the Imperium, including the placement of a Space Marine Chapter to help safe guard the people as well as their souls.

Warrant of Trade
The Warrant of Trade is the document that denotes that the bearer is, indeed, a Rogue Trader. This document basically states that the holder of the Warrant is allowed to take worlds in the name of the Imperium and is able to trade and use resources he finds, as long as it is all for the benefit of the Empire of Mankind. The first Warrants were created and signed by the Emperor Himself, newer ones created and handed down by the Lords of Terra. Once the warrant is issued, the Rogue Trader will set off to the edge of the galaxy to find profit and wealth.

The Warrant gives the Rogue Trader a lot of freedom, allowing him to come into contact and possession of items that normal citizens or merchants would find is illegal for them to possess or do. Xeno technology is largely the holdings that they could find and use without much repercussion, as well as trade deals with alien races. In fact, the warrant allows the Rogue Trader to consort or even have aliens aboard his vessel. While these things may technically be allowed, many will have problems with such blatant use of what the Imperium considers impure and forbidden, namely members of the Inquisition. Many Rogue Traders have met their end when they have come across the ire of an Inquisitor that has found them using xeno technology. It is possible to have the Warrant stripped from the Trader, largely if they denounce the Imperium, consorting with traitors or the Ruinous Powers, or begin acting in a matter that is detrimental to the Imperial cause. For these Rogue Traders, they are hunted down ruthlessly and killed, their Warrant being granted to someone else who has the interest of the Imperium at heart.

Warrants do not specifically state who the holder is. So, once a person gets their hands on a Warrant, they become the holder. This makes Warrants of Trade a highly sought after item, often costing vast amounts of coin, even minor wars being fought over them. Most Rogue Traders set up dynasties in which their is one Rogue Trader who rules over the business. The dynasty leader is usually the one who holds the Warrant himself. The Warrant is passed down to the next heir in line of the dynasty, transferring all of the agreements and the business to them.

The Ruinous Powers
Also known as Chaos, the Ruinous Powers are the corrupt forces that work against the Imperium of Mankind. These forces contain heretics, traitors, mutants, and the most foul of daemons that serve the foul Gods of Chaos. Items tainted by Chaos is said to lead to damnation, thus anything that shows the outward signs of Chaos should be avoided and/or destroyed. Though one should be ever vigilant, sometimes Chaos is not obvious and can be a slow and extremely hidden corruption, but their possession is still as unforgiving. Even Rogue Traders won’t be forgiven for such dealings.

Already, Thale and Churchill have come into contact with a Daemonette, a daemon of one of the Chaos Gods named Slaneesh.

This refers to the aliens of the galaxy, anything that is not human or from the same race of humanity is considered an alien. Xenos in the Imperium are regarded with both disdain and distrust, being viewed as both untrustworthy and lesser beings. Their are a large variety of xenos in the universe, however the most commonly known are the Tyranids, the Orks, the Eldar, and the Tau. All these races are considered enemies of Humanity, preventing Mankinds destiny as ruler of the stars.


  • Recruitment of the Tempest Fury
    Hastus acquires the Tempest Fury: Unknown Date
    Trask and Churchill join the crew: Day 0
    Falker joins the crew: Day 8
    Medrith joins the crew: Day 32
    Thale joins the crew: Day 36
    Alt joins the crew: Day 36 UPDATED RECORDS: Day 97
    Sharae joins the crew: Day 99
  • The Forlorn War (Event)
    Discovered by the crew of the Tempest Fury after translating from the Warp. The war has only been ongoing for a little over a month, but it is already extremely fierce. The only details so far in the fighting is that the Imperium (with a large supply of Mechanicus aid) is fighting the rebel forces that have begun fighting against the Mechanicus in the system.


Knowledge possessed by Churchill
Lukkas is a small system that contains three habitual planets. The first of these is named Lukkas Mortis and is a fierce deathworld that has many dangerous and large beasts present. The second world is Lukkas II that is a pleasure world catering specifically to nobles. Both of these worlds are ruled by the Churchill Family, Lukkas Mortis being treated as a hunting resort ground for the more adventurous visitors in the system. The third world is Lukkas III, which is a Terran like world with small cities and one major hive city. This is under the control of Governor Martin Galwin, a minor noble. It has no large source of export, and is largely self-sufficient with most if it’s income being from the profits made by Lukkas II. Lukkas is removed from many of the dangerous areas of the Sector and has only a light security force to stave off the odd pirate raids.

Knowledge possessed by Thale
Nifhel system is a five planet system, however only the 4th planet (also named Nifhel) is inhabited. Nifhel is a penal world that contains over a million prisoners from all over the Sector, some even from other parts of the Segmentum. The prisoner force is largely used for mining operations on the planet, however some of them are assembled into a penal legion that is sent to the meat-grinder battle fields, such as The Terror Gate or Kine’s Breach, where they largely meet a grisly end. The system has a very high security defense, largely to make sure that no prisoners escape.

Forlorn is a large triple-star system that contains 13 planets. It is currently now being subjected to a civil war.
Knowledge possessed by Alt
The rebel fleet is primarily made of pirates and merchants that have agreed to aid the rebels (whether through promise of riches or own personal belief). The ground forces are primarily made up of civilian militia and rogue Planetary Defence Forces (PDF). The worlds of Forlorn are largely Mechanicus focused and powered by industry, however the Imperial workers resent the Mechanicus and their constant disregard of human life, thus rebelled to throw the Mechanicus out of the system. Currently the rebels hold Forlorn IV (a Terran world), Forlorn VI (a Hive world), and the ship-wright Forge Moon.
Knowledge possessed by Sharae
The Worlds of Forlorn largely Mechanicus in nature, the system sporting a Forge world and a ship-wright Forge Moon. The rest of the system is either mining, Terran, or Hive planets. However, rebel forces have risen up to drive out the Mechanicus elements, leading to a complete halt in exports and the capture of the Forge Moon by rebels. War has also ceased much of the functions of other industry, as everything is being focused towards the war effort. Largely however, the rebellion will ultimately falter and fail, as they are slower in the production of war materials, considering the rebel’s policy is to either arrest or execute tech-priests and members of the Mechanicus that know how to make the materials in question.


Find out what the Siegfried’s uncovered that Inquisitor Rayle wants

  1. Find Thale (COMPLETE)
  2. Talk to Cecil (COMPLETE)
    (OPTIONAL) Recruit him as Enginseer Prime (COMPLETE: Sharae became Enginseer Prime as proxy)
  3. Find where other secret Siegfried retreats are located
    Three possible locations for the estate: 5y573m-32, Xiohan’s Cluster, Unkown and uncharted system.
  4. Find clues at the secret Siegfried retreats

Forlorn War

  1. Defeat rebel forces and retake the Forge Moon

People of Interest

Hastus Gudrel
This is the adept that recruited you to the Tempest Fury (Sharae being an exception, she being recruited by Thale). Not much is known about him other than he seems to know a lot about things and that he is in the employ of very powerful and rich person who would rather remain anonymous for their journey. He seems to be the eyes and ears for his employer, choosing to take a backseat as to stay out of the way.

Trask Bellamont
The Master-at-Arms, he is responsible for ship security. He is large and muscular, with tribal tattoos and dark skin, however he seems to be a nice enough guy.

Falker Bredif
Voidmaster and First Mate, he is teaching and advising Thale on how to become a truly great captain. He is shorter with a heavy build, pale skin and short length blonde hair, Falker is very military minded and knows how to run a tight ship. He is rarely seen without his grapple-hawk, Sky.

Sister Medrith Cestra
Medrith was part of the Adepta Sororitas, also known as the Sisters of Battle, before she was hired aboard the Tempest Fury as it’s Chief Chirurgeon. She seems slightly withdrawn and constantly is twisting the ring on her finger.
Knowledge possessed by Churchill
Churchill discovered from a rather intoxicated Hastus Gudrel that Medrith was orphaned as a child and brought into the Sororitas. Here, she was trained in the militant order, The Order of the Righteous Tempest. However, she was not a very good fighter and was discovered to have an amazing talent as a healer, thus was transferred to the become a Sister Hospitaller with the Order of the Healing Rain instead. After this, she was sent with her sisters to Hope (now referred to as the Ruins of Hope) where she witnessed practically all of the sisters under her care perish from their grievous wounds. Distraught and one of the only survivors of the battle, she requested to join the Repentia, a sub-sect of sisters that believe that their wrongs can only be purged through overcoming suicidal missions or death. Before she was inducted, Hastus recruited her for the Tempest Fury, perhaps offering a way for her to seek redemption aboard the ship.

Inquisitor Rayle (ENEMY)
This is the Inquisitor that accused the Siegfried Dynasty of heresy and sentenced them to Nifhel. He has since gone rogue and is currently looking for the object which Siegfried Dynasty found all those years ago. His current whereabouts and intentions are unknown.

Siegfried Dynasty
This is the old Rogue Trader dynasty ran by the Siegfried’s, who have been operating and trading in the Caradryad Sector for more than 5 millennium. The Dynasty met it’s downfall when Lilly and Gray Siegfried were found guilty of heresy and sentenced to the penal world of Nifhel. The only heir to the Dynasty now is Thale Siegfried, who was released from Nifhel and now Captain’s the Tempest Fury.

House Churchill
Knowledge possessed by Churchill
House Churchill is a noble family which has recently fallen on hard times. The heir to the position of Head of House was killed in an unfortunate military accident and the former Head of house and his wife were killed from what was described as an aircraft accident. Nikolas Alexander Caesar Churchill was declared Head of the House, however he has placed the care of the House in his advisers hands until his return.

Reetha Norander (ALLY)
This is the captain of the Saint’s Helberd, a Sword-Class frigate that is part of the Imperial Navy. She was first met when she came in to assist the Tempest Fury in warding off the rebel ships that attacked when it first entered the Forlorn system. Tall and toned, she has long straight brown hair ,a sharp face, and keeps her uniform as crisp as possible. She is not much for nonsense and hates liars and sneaks, believing that the best results are usually the most spectacular.

Cecil Krift
This tech-priest is known to dwell on the Forge Moon of Forlorn, performing his experiments. He talks as if he is reading or manuscripting his memoirs aloud, and perhaps he really is. Cecil used to be the Enginseer Prime for the Siegfried Dynasty and managed to escape when they were arrested. Originally, the crew of the Tempest Fury tried to recruit him as their Enginseer Prime, a position he refused and instead offered his Pupil, Sharae Dengir, as his proxy.

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